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Dear Prospective New Member,

Now is the right time to join MSPA North America, the association that works hard to shape our industry and help increase your business. If you provide customer experience metric services to third-party clients, you need to become a member of MSPA-NA!

MSPA-NA is the only professional trade association dedicated to improving service quality using anonymous resources. With over 300 members worldwide, our diverse membership includes marketing research and merchandising companies, private investigation firms, training organizations and companies that specialize in providing mystery shopping services.
Gain Exposure and Increase Your Business – MSPA members:
  • Receive national exposure through MSPA-NA’s PR Program developing strategic relationships with client organizations across North America
  • Are listed and a part of the Provider Search when potential clients are looking for customer experience metric services
  • Advertise to both potential clients and shoppers on the MSPA-NA website that gets 30,000 to 45,000 unique visits a month
  • Included in media pitches on the value of the industry
  • Can connect to a 24 hour Media Training Kit to assist you in working with your local media
Save Money/Improve Your Business – MSPA members:
  • Participate in the Abenity Discount Program that offers discounts on products and services you use every day from groceries to electronics, restaurants to travel.  This is a great benefit you can also offer your employees.
  • Can post jobs and have them viewed by the 40,000 or more independent contractors that visit the MSPA website each month
  • Receive a business insurance policy quote from an insurance company specializing in the industry
  • Have access to thousands of MSPA certified contractors, a growing and expanding program to help improve the quality of the contractors you work with
Learn and Protect Your Business – MSPA members:
  • Are a part of the Independent Contractor Coalition with a powerful voice on Capitol Hill and members have been successful at helping to block legislative amendments that threatened the independent contractor status
  • Can contact MSPA’s legal advisor for assistance in state regulatory issues
  • Participate in the Contractor of Interest Network (COIN) to protect you from dishonest contractors
  • View laws and regulations in various states on video and audio shops, worker classification, and other statutes facing the industry
Network and Be Educated – MSPA members:
  • Participate in the #1 benefit of being a member of MSPA – Share Ideas
  • Have access to Vetted Partners outside your area of expertise in order to expand and create more comprehensive services
  • Receive information on scams and fraudulent activities that impact your company’s business
  • Participate in MSPA-NA’s CXE3 Customer Experience Conference, the only conference dedicated specifically to customer experience metrics with educational sessions to improve and expand your business
  • Participate in MSPA’s ShopperFest and Virtual Conference to gain exposure to more independent contractors
Get involved and be a part of your industry.  Customer experience metrics adds value to your client’s business, so let MSPA-NA do the same for you.  You can click on the JOIN NOW graphic at the top right of the page and submit your membership application online or click on the PDF writeable application below and email or print and return to become a part of the growing community of MSPA-NA and the industry.
Still have questions? 
MSPA's Membership Coordinator, Leah Woods, can help!
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