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Mystery shoppers go to specified stores, restaurants, banks, apartments, etc. (or visit oniline or by phone) and pose as typical customers. When they leave, they complete questionnaires or other such instruments that have been custom-designed for the mystery shopping company's clients. Shoppers serve as the eyes and ears for those clients as part of their efforts to enhance the quality of the customer experience. Many times, the information collected during mystery shopping programs is used to help mystery shopping company clients improve training programs, better articulate expectations they have of their staff, and otherwise improve the ways in which the client serves its customers.
How long does it take and what does it pay?
The length of time a mystery shop takes depends on the type of assignment, but usually a shop is likely to take considerably less than an hour. The fees a mystery shopper may earn from a specific shop vary just as greatly as the time required, but often a shopper might expect anywhere between $8 and $20 for the "typical" shopping scenario. In some cases the shopper might also receive free meals, discounts and savings on merchandise, or other such benefits. However, shoppers should be wary of promises of extraordinary "freebies" that sound too good to be true. If that's the way it sounds, it is probably really too good to be true.
(If you are asked to pay to become a shopper, you should be EXTREMELY leery of the offer... there are thousands of opportunities to do mystery shopping that do not require the shopper to pay anything!)
In some cases, the shopper may be expected to purchase an item (or a meal, theater ticket, etc.), in which cases the shopper is likely to also be reimbursed for that item, within the stipulations given by the shopping company when the shopper accepts an assignment. In every case, the shopper should strive to ensure he or she fully understands the scope of the shop, the anticipated time required,\ and the benefits, if any, that will result from doing the shop.

Interested in starting now?
Begin by searching assignment postings by our member companies.  Within the posting will be direction to apply with the member company.  Afterwards, you will be in contact with a scheduler for all of the assignment details.
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